Professional Experience

Epic Systems - Madison, WI
Technical Support and Developer
Dec 2015 - Jan 2017

Designed and maintained software to fit complex healthcare workflows by leading customer calls and working with other teams to come up with integrated solutions

Led ambulatory maintenance for multiple healthcare organizations whose responsibilities include documentation of all outpatient clinical orders, injection administrations, medical problem documentation, historical recordkeeping, charging and billing, and population health big-data gathering and reporting

Programmed and maintained code in Caché client-server applications for the industry leading integrated electronic health record

Washington University School of Medicine - St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate Research Assistant
May 2012 - Jan 2014

Designed, machined, and developed code for a microscope, named SOFI, that had the ability to capture the fluorescence change of a protein with high accuracy during a heartbeat. Code written in MATLAB

For technical drawings and a deeper description, check out my Portfolio


Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis, MO
B.S. Mechanical Engineering - minor in Robotics
Aug 2011 - May 2015

Proof I graduated

Technical Experience

For finished products displaying this experience, check out my Portfolio
Angular 2+
JS Frameworks
Html Css
OSX & Windows
M Cache VB

Entrepreneurial Projects - link
Creator and Administrator

A demo website I created to be used as a tutorial for full stack development. For more information, check out its portfolio entry or check out the repo - Under Construction
Creator and Administrator

PerchPal is a social media site used to match up friends who are looking to make a larger purchase with friends who are knowledgeable in that product or product category

While the site is still in progress and the repo is private, the PerchPal API documentation website is online and is being actively updated as new functionality comes out. For more information, check out its portfolio entry

Additional Coursework

Training I have received that has not already been presented
Knowledge Description
Teaching Adult Education Taken at Epic in order to become a certified specialist trainer
Project/Conflict Management Trained professionalism in a business environment
3D Design Experience in multiple Computer Aided Design softwares - examples can be seen in my Portfolio
Epic Certifications I was responsible for the largest application at Epic, the Ambulatory application - because of this, I needed to get certified in over 10 applications



Assisted or managed structures for Habitat for Humanity and the Thurtene Carnival

Ultimate Frisbee

Currently playing on multiple teams in Madison, WI

Camping and Rock Climbing

Studied abroad in New Zealand and, after leaving Epic, I attempted to start my own rock climbing gym in Madison